Monday, May 16, 2011

Iconic House Design

 A  Design Problem done in 2nd Year 1st Semester.

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Softwares used: Revit Architecture, Photoshop, Autocad.

An Intervention at BHOPAL

A Design problem done in 3rd year 1st Semester. 

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

FLICKR Photostream

Also check out my FLICKR  Photostream. The Link:

A Stop Motion Film

The movie is basically about how the mistakes in designing a building detail can affect a general user.
So we have this badly designed wall section, and using stop motion we tried showing the difficulties he faces.

Aishwarya  Bharatkumar
Anuj Mittal
Ammani Nair
Bhavika Aggarwal
Kabilan S.
Priyanshi Shukla
Rohan Patankar
Shruti Jalodia
Vishal Jayan

Sound Track: We Walk by The Ting Tings 


A photography exhibition was conducted recently at IHC as part of the event INDIA at 100, organised by SpireTec. The exhibition happened from the 7th April to 14th April 2011. 

Thanks to our senior Monish Kumar who gave the college photography society, SEPIA an opportunity to put up their work during the event. The photographs looked at issues both good and bad that one sees day to day in  Delhi.

View of the Exhibit

Thats me..! with one of my works.
The exhibition gave the society a good platform to put up its work and 13 people contributed for the exhibition.

This is the second chance I've got to put up my work in public and I feel I've made good use of it. Hoping for more opportunities to come up in the future.

IGBC Green Design Competition Entry.

Indian Green Building Council organized their annual Green Design Competition, with the brief asking us to re-design our Design Departments into ZERO ENERGY BUILDINGS. This was done as a studio exercise in college and this was our entry for the competition. We won the first prize in this competition and got to attend the Indian Green Building Congress 2010, which was held in Chennai.


Some of the posters and Graphic work I did this Year. Most of them during our annual college fest UTOPIA.
As a beginner I'm just experimenting my Skills.

All the Fest posters were made by me and my friend Navneeth. We kept the graphic simple to explain the event and also wanted to create an illusion at the same time. By arraying some element and providing some perspective and depth gave us the desired result. The fractal form of our college logo was designed by Navneeth. I just love our college logo...!
Software used : Photoshop CS5, Sketch Up

Photography Competition Poster

Short Film Competition Poster

Karaoke Competition
Paint Baloon

Quiz Competition

Street Play Competition

Rock Competition
 If you wanna rock and if you live around Delhi, this is one event you must not miss attending.

Fashion Show/ Competition

Poster for first round of culturals
An Intra-College Logo Designing Competition
ID Cards for Council Members
Sadly these were not made, Time constraints and financial problems.

Certificate Design

Invite Design

Birthday Party Poster for my friends

Friday, May 13, 2011


This is where I live..The Capital!
Photography being my hobby.. its gonna be obvious that I'm uploading all this.
Lots of opportunities every moment, its all bout making use of it.
Love the winters.. best time to be out.
Some people might like the summers.. but I prefer being indoors..!
Mostly common places among the public and being an Architecture Student, you will find a lot of buildings.
This part is going to be updated now and then... till the time I'm going to be in Delhi..!


A Panorama View of the Place, The Skyline

Also called as Connaught Place, this is the largest financial, commercial and business centers in Delhi. One of the best places to spend your evening shopping or hanging out with friends. Also houses one of the busiest metro station below the park in the middle. If one finds things to be expensive above the ground, then Palika Bazzar, is an underground, air-conditioned market located below the inner circle of Connaught Place, New_Delhi. It hosts several hundred shops selling a diverse range of items; however, the market is dominated by electronic items and clothing. Palika Bazaar attracts many foreign tourists. It is known as a place with a very low level of prices. Bargain as much as you can... & get the lowest prices.

View as a Pedestrian

At the end of Winter 

Recently renovated for the Commonwealth Games 2010, this place is getting back to its ruins. People have to take more care before the place returns to its old state. Even though CP looks soo beautiful on the panorama view, the scene is different at the eye level.