Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sepia Pavilion

Installation made for photography exhibition during the annual college festival UTOPIA along with Shobitha Jacob.

The idea was to create a twisting tunnel that encloses the space along the wall of our college canteen so as to let people walk through the pavilion from either sides. Since the two of us have never really tried working with bamboo, with the curiosity, we decided to go with bamboo for achieving the desired structure. Most of the bamboo joinery are knots, the Japanese square lash knot; except for the ones at the ground. Shall get those details in photographs soon. The idea of hanging the photographs with cloth like scrolls came up on the final day. It also helped us in enhancing the enclosed nature of this space as the structure felt too open due to less number of bamboo members.

The structure being a very simple idea, getting it executed was a challenge right from detailing out the joinery to the amount of physical effort involved. With all the market surveys, looking for different possible details and opinions from different shopkeepers at the Ajmeri Gate Market in around a span of 12 days, we were able to complete the pavilion (including design). Though the twisting effect did not turn up as we expected but there was a lot of learning that happened during the process of execution.

Before the installation came up.
To be continued...