Saturday, August 20, 2011

India Gate Silhouette Play

India Gate is one of the places I have visited the most, generally during sunset or at night. One would love the warmth of the lights, the crowd (when I walked with my camera, some asked me to click them in front of the monument and print it for them, and when i tell them I'm a student they ask me to e-mail the photo to them.) , the pani puri and ice creams. Vendors selling cheap, differently lit and attractive objects, where some fly, some rotate, some form patterns, though all these last only for a few days, they help create some memorable moments of this place.

Where is the India Gate..? 
Here are some of my experiments, trying to create an illusion and a mystery using panorama photography to create these silhouettes.
So what has caused the difference in these images..?
Distance of the subject..! As one moved closer, the perspective has caused the distortion.

The first image makes a strong statement of the purpose of the monument, its mass and solidity.
The second image gives one an idea of how marvelous and tall the monument is when one stands below it.
The third image was just an experiment with perspective. Still it shows how the monument stands proudly in its lone context.
The last image.. well here it is.. 'The India Gate'... tada..!
One of my favorite clicks.