Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Something UNdiscovered.

With almost all my school friends busy with their jobs or have run outside the country for further studies got to meet a few this time. One of them suggested for an early morning trek at Anaikatty. My last trek back at home was at Parsons valley during my school days. As it had also been a long time since I took my camera out it was very exciting and I looked forward for this trek. So we left early at 6 in the morning to Nilgiri Biosphere park for the trek. Reaching there at 7:00, the park opened only at 8:00 which gave us sometime for a quick walk around this place as the sun came out. Once the park opened, we went for the 2 hour trek had some chappati and masal for brunch and left the place.

It felt like something I always wanted to do when I get back home.