Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cover Page Design

Continuing with my addiction to the triangles, this time it was the cover-page design competition for the college annual report. With a very short notice of 3 days and in the middle of our Urban Design Pre- Final submissions, the triangles were a really convincing choice to create a backdrop here. With very less text to go on the cover-page, I focused on creating an interesting and simple back drop which would allow me to play with the text. Within half an hour managed to create the basic pattern of triangles in grayscale. In the next ten minutes I started trying out gradient effects and blend options and got this very effect I have finally used.

Competition Entry
Competition Entry- Front
Competition Entry- Back

Once the competition results were announced and mine shortlisted as the winner, the faculty asks me to make it look more formal i.e, without the tilt in the text as the office people won't understand the graphic and they are more keen on the content. Also had to align the SPA Logo within the triangle, something I missed in the original design.

Final Layout
Final Layout- Front 
Final Layout- Back

Here is a high resolution image of the backdrop, if you like it to be your desktop wallpaper for sometime :D